JC's Bike Shop

Trade in and Trade up

Nothing Beats NEW!

At JC's we understand that sometimes NEW is the way to go.  Kids grow fast and so does our desire to take your riding to the next level.  To better serve the community we offer a trade up program.

Bikes Originally sold by us are eligible for a trade in value in store credit for the purpose of upgrading to a new bike.

Condition is determined by the manager on staff and then Value is determined by using the Bicycle Blue Book Value Guide.

Once we Determine the Trade in Value for your bike, you choose the new machine that you want to take home and we apply that as a credit towards your purchase.

Not every bike is immediately eligible for the trade in - trade up program. 

  • Any bike that is not a brand or bike originally sold by us
  • Any bike that we determine to be in poor condition
  • Any bike where the original purchaser cannot be verified
  • Any Bike older than 10 years

IS NOT eligible for the trade in-trade up program.

As always if you have any questions, use the contact form located on the About the Shop and Staff Page or call us at 386-736-3620